Welcome to the wonderful world of temari!

As a fiber artist for almost 20 years, many colorful crafts have filled my life: weaving, spinning, felting, crochet…the list goes on. But it wasn’t until 2011 that I stumbled upon the Japanese craft of temari that I found my passion.

Temari (“te” meaning “hand”, and “mari” meaning “ball”) are handmade balls that are wrapped with thread to create a spherical “cloth”, which is then embroidered in countless ways to create all types of beautiful patterns. These balls are traditionally given as gifts for new babies, weddings, and for good luck in a New Year, but they are amazing art that can be enjoyed all year round. Stack a few in a glass bowl, stand one on a napkin ring, or even hang them! The dimension, patterns, and colors will delight you!

I hope you enjoy my articles and photos about this craft that I am so in love with. Thanks for joining me on my journey exploring temari!

-Jen Weber